Who are CityX?

CityX is the most read business news platform in Greater Lincolnshire which has over 30,000 business readers from across the region –


In addition to the website which is constantly being updated with news, CityX sends a daily round-up of the day’s top news stories that goes direct to the inbox of over 17,000 organic business subscribers.


Our top news stories are also regularly published across our social media channels, which have a collective following of 22,700.

What about CityX Magazine?

CityX Magazine is a weekly round-up of the week’s news, with unique and original multimedia content not previously available on the website. With over a year of issues under our belt, the CityX Magazine is going from strength to strength, now with over 26,000 monthly readers –

What is the difference between CityX and LincolnX?

LincolnX is the business club division of CityX. We utilise the CityX publications to help promote LincolnX members to our readers – the largest business audience in the region.

What makes LincolnX different from other business clubs?

Most business clubs only have the membership as their audience.  Some local clubs might have 100 members, well that’s only 100 people that you can promote your business too.  CityX has over 17,000 business subscribers and a readership of over 30,000.  The difference is reach is staggering.


Most business clubs have events based purely on swapping business cards and ‘generating business’.  LincolnX have events based purely on socialising with your peers and provide some escapism.  Very informal and the most enjoyable business events you’ll go to.

Why should I join?

For £29 a month there’s no better value way of promoting your business to the right audience in Lincolnshire.


We’ve deliberately made it incredible value for money to ensure a healthy, vibrant membership base that Lincoln deserves to have!

Do I have to be from Lincoln to join?

Your business has to be relevant to people in and around the Lincolnshire area.  The biggest advantage to LincolnX is being promoted to the CityX audience through news and features; which will only work if you’re relevant to the readership.


If you’re unsure, get in touch and we’d be happy to advise.

Can any business join?

Yes, absolutely.  At a future date we might cap the number of businesses from a singular industry in order to be able to provide the best value to our members and readers.


How does it work?

You will have open lines of communication with our editorial team. You will be able to discuss news and features ideas –


  • Via email/phone
  • At LincolnX events
  • On the members group pages (facebook and linkedin)


On a daily basis our editorial team will be looking at featuring LincolnX members in a variety of different formats to maximise your exposure and value for money.  We will help you identify potential opportunities and then work with you to create the content ready to be published.

How regularly will you cover my business?

Coverage and features will be different for every member based on what they have going on, what articles they’ll be most eligible to be involved in and how forthcoming the member is with information, columns and ideas.


As a base we’d aim for between 6-10 inclusions per year but it’s in both your and our interest to find as much content as possible.

Where will the content be published?

Wherever sensible we will promote the content across the following –

  • CityX Daily mailer
  • CityX Directors Weekly
  • CityX social channels

Will my stories and features will be shared with the general public or just other members?

They will always go out to our full audience.

Can you give me examples of stories and features?

Absolutely, take a look here for some recent examples.


How regular are the social events?

The events are typically the last Thursday of every month, however we have a summer social event and Christmas Party that takes the place of the monthly events in July and December.


We don’t have an event in August due to the summer holidays.

Where are the events held?

The events move round a range of venues in Lincoln in order to provide some variety and experience newly opened premises.  We also try and utilise LincolnX member’s venues wherever possible.

Do I need to attend the social events?

Our regular social events are just an added benefit to becoming a LincolnX member. Attendance at these events is completely optional and you are by no means expected to attend every single one – although they are a great way for everyone including ourselves to meet and catch-up with new and existing members!

Can I send someone in my place if I cannot attend?

You can pass your place to someone else from your company, please do let us know in advance who will be coming on your behalf.

Can I bring a guest to the social events?

Most events are for members or for prospective members to attend.  However we will regularly have additional events where you can invite guests who have no interest in joining LincolnX but would like to attend the event.


If you’d like to bring along a guest who is thinking of joining then please fill out this referral form.


Why do you have two different joining fees?

We offer two levels of joining fee and the difference is purely down to the opportunity of having a short promotional video for your business created that becomes part of the introductory feature that goes out across all CityX channels.


£60 is our standard joining fee, £180 is our premium joining fee with video.

Why do you have two different membership costs?

A lot of businesses requested the ability to have 2 members of their team attend the LincolnX monthly events, as such we created a 2 person ‘duo’ membership that allows 2 people from the same company to attend the events.  The small additional cost covers the occasions where complimentary food and drink is provided at our events.

Can I pay annually?

Yes, for businesses who prefer to pay via annual recurring subscription rather than monthly you can simply select annual membership when joining.


All memberships are for a minimum of a 12 month period.


We welcome you to contact us for more
information about LincolnX